For a professional hair treatment service, call me today! I have the experience, latest technology, and hair treatment products available on the market that you need to restore the beauty, power, and stability of your hair. You can give me a call to schedule an appointment or learn more about my business and the benefits I offer.

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Scalp Micropigmentation
7945 MacArthur Blvd
Cabin John

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Tel & SMS: (301) 503-0762

When it comes to professional hair treatment, my center in Cabin John, MD has a fool-proof solution. Here, at Scalp Micropigmentation, I pride myself on the numerous successful treatments I have flawlessly executed, as well as the many customers I continue to serve in the following areas:

  • Maryland
  • Washington DC
  • Virginia
  • Silver Spring
  • Bethesda MD
  • Baltimore MD
  • Rockville MD
  • Germantown MD

All the surrounding areas of Cabin John, MD:

  • Glen Echo MD
  • Bannockburn Bethesda, MD
  • Carderock Springs, MD
  • Potomac, MD
  • Carderock Potomac, MD
  • Woodburn Bethesda, MD

Hair loss can be defined as a result of different things, whether it’s a gene process or stressful experience you have had. With superior knowledge, advanced technology, and top-shelf products at my disposal, I am certain to provide the hair loss service you deserve. All you need to do is make an appointment and visit my center.

Conveniently located, fully licensed, and run by a certified scalp micro pigmentation specialist, my hair loss center is the perfect solution you need. As an addition to the quality treatment you will get, you will also enjoy affordable rates and honest estimates related and during the entire hair restoration process. Make sure you are turning to a reliable hair specialist, and give me a call to arrange your treatment or learn more about my work, the products I use, the methods I use, etc. I’m looking forward to your calls. Contact me today!