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Scalp Micropigmentation In Kensington, Maryland

With Chris Herrera & Team

Scalp Micropigmentation is a modern hair loss treatment. We help men and women that are experiencing a level of hair loss that they want to change. Many of our clients have used treatments and methods that have left them unsatisfied. Hair loss is deeply affecting many men and women, and we are dedicated to improving the lives of each and every one of our clients. We do this by delivering the ultimate Scalp Micropigmentation experience.

Scalp Micropigmentation aka “SMP” (aka Hair Tattoo/Scalp Tattoo) is currently the Ultimate, non-surgical solution for hair loss. We provide an instant, permanent, and life-changing treatment where thousands of organic pigments are precisely applied to the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles. Whether you want to fill in a scar, a thinning area of your hair or have Alopecia, SMP will enhance your look tremendously. You will instantly look 10 years younger.

We are regarded as one of the leading Micropigmentation companies in the world with many years of experience, and that has helped us in developing our own custom equipment, process, and procedure. Chris Herrera is one of the most respected SMP artists in the world. Clients and upcoming artists fly to The Art of SMP Locations from all over the world to have their procedure done by him or to be trained by him. 


Our Services

We offer a professional and harmless solution to the restoration of your hair, as well as effective treatments, such as the Alopecia areata treatment.


The Benefits

Not only do we have vast industry knowledge, we also offer an inexpensive treatment that will restore not just your hair, but your self-confidence, as well.

The Art of SMP

Our Methods

We use the latest hair restoration technology and equipment on the market, as well as some of the top-brand hair treatment products available.

Why Is SMP Right For You?

Why read about why SMP is right for you? Find out from the lead artist himself Chris Herrera who will explain why you should get Scalp Micropigmentation today with us.

Why Choose Scalp Micropigmentation MD?

The team at Scalp Micropigmentation in Maryland has gained an international following. Chris Herrera is part of Blendz Elite PRO Team, the very elite Scalp Micropigmentation artists.

Chris Herrera has been in the hair care industry for over 20 years now. After founding Scalp Micropigmentation in Kensington, MD Chris sets Scalp Micropigmentation Maryland apart from the rest of the local hair specialists. Chris has a Master Barber background that has helped him become one of the few distinguished and highly recognized scalp practitioners in the world. 

Throughout the years Chris has been in business, the popularity of Scalp Micropigmentation has grown and has now become THE reputable hair loss center for many people worldwide. Situated in Kensington, Maryland (minutes from Washington, D.C.), SMP offers professional hair treatment services, including scalp micro pigmentation, Alopecia areata, and others. Choosing us will give you the quality restoration of your hair, and something much more. Scalp Micropigmentation MD has won international awards, even when competing against other world class artists, in recognition of our amazing work. We are members of the Microbeau Elite PRO Team, and we have more 5 star Google reviews than any other SMP company in the world. When you choose Scalp Micropigmentation MD, you can expect nothing but the very best.

Scalp Micropigmentation costs vary on the work needed. The area of the person’s head and hairline are unique in every instance, as well as the desired final product. In any case, it is best to reach out for a free consultation with the team at Scalp Micropigmentation. 

Scalp Micropigmentation before and after pictures tell the story of our team, dedicated professionals changing lives. People leave our office looking and feeling great. Look no further than our gallery for inspiration on what is possible. We’re changing lives out here, find out more today!

Scalp Micropigmentation is the perfect alternative to hair transplants, wig, hair fibers, which all have significant downsides AND can be more expensive. SMP looks natural even up close, giving you the appearance of a short hair style without any maintenance. It is truly the solution for hair loss you have been looking for.

Don’t wait, get a consultation today. Appointments fill up quick, make sure you reserve your spot and have the life changing procedure that will have your confidence level through the roof!

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